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16 November 2012 @ 03:23 pm
Christmas wish list  

1. A bop it.

That's all I want really! And I really want one!!! I'm all for like mind things at the moment...like I can't stop playing this flow game cause its so fun but its all about brain usage and getting faster but it's so much fun to see your own progress! I don't lol at the leader boards at all because really, who cares?

My parents just laugh when I say a bop it but I'm pretty sure they'll get me one.

I've said an iPod to my parents also but really, I don't really care...it would just mean I wouldn't chew up my phone battery as fast. I think the only reason I said it was because my nano died :(

Of course this changes if Taylor does tour next year of which it seems somewhat likely with recent events so we'll see.

I'm legitimately coming up blank for anything else. Like there's stupid shit I can buy myself when I want it but like its not Christmas wish list worth things.

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Hannah Shereehannah_sheree on November 16th, 2012 07:58 am (UTC)
Oh my goodness, yes!!! I've got this same problem!! Like... I want vouchers to places because like... I don't know WHAT I want, I just know that I can never go into those stores without wanting something.

OR the things I do want are things I couldn't ask people to buy (like $200+ things).

Maybe we're just getting old? Or have what we deem to be is "enough" - anything else is not what we feel as vital or something, just something lovely and extra.

BTW: What do you want? :P I want to get my Chrissy shopping done before December ideally :P
ashley_tis_fanashley_tis_fan on November 18th, 2012 11:44 am (UTC)
I think it's getting a getting old thing because material things just don't become as important anymore plus, I don't feel like I want other people to get me stuff. I work hard and I'm going to earn it.

I mean, being someone's friend, when in society did that mean that we earn something? Why do we give gifts...if someone needs to show their appreciation that way is it worth it?

But in saying that...when you do love someone you want to get them something...that's why I don't do many gifts at all but you are on the gift giving list :p So tell me what you want!

As for me...one of those animal hats would be cool...do you know what i mean? they are like beanis but than they have long hanging things that are paws...I want one of those so bad!!! pick an animal with my personality if you get that :p

Otherwise, anything written by Lauren Conrad. seriously she is amazing!