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05 October 2012 @ 12:06 am
Uni is nearly over for the year!!!  

I'm so excited for it to be over!!!

I loved and hated this semester, my CI subjects were amazing! Like no words loved them. My law/business subjects were he'll but I got my first HD from law so yay me!

Today I handed in my smallest post-mid sem break assignment! 1500 problem solving assignment for law :)

Still have to analyse 2 websites for some reason I have yet to look into for media and communication...2000 words hello.

And propose a new entertainment attraction at movie world...hello 3000 words

And blog about entertainment 4 times...so hello 1200 words and other shit.

Than 2 exams and I'm free!!!

I wonder what classes I have to do next sem. Than I'm on a break for a semester to travel again...lol!

Oh! So global entertainment...I wrote my 2000 word essay in 4 hours the day it was due and got a D!!! I was like, how do I do this!!! But obvs I love the subject and my degree and it just gels with me :)

Also, the 3000 word assignment? I'm excited for that! Bringing The Shire to movie world!!!

So uni is doing pretty good :)

Hopefully ill leave with 2 D's, a C? And if I get a P for marketing ill be happy! But this may change depending on my mark I have yet to pick up.

I just realised that it puts me below 5.5 :( maybe ill aim for a HD, a D and 2 C's? I could do it for marketing cause the last assessment pieces are 10% group, which I think we'll get a 7 for and a 50% exam, so if I study hard I can do it! Unless I've failed the portfolio. If I only get 10% out of 20% on the portfolio I can't get a HD at all...but we'll see how it goes.

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