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02 December 2012 @ 09:40 am
I conducted science tests on myself...  
...and now I need to ge to the doctor for reals :(

In other news...I fell in love with Sydney!  it's so amazing!!!

Spent 2 nights in a 5 Star hotel on Circular Quay, the balcony looked onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge!  We were top floor!  

Here's what happened!

Once we finaly made it to Sydney (Don't ask the problems we had with Virgin!) Caught the train to CQ and saw the hotel and it was amazing as I said!  I could seriously have lived there!  it had everything, a kitchen, washing machine, dryer, batheroom, 2 TV's, lounge room and bedroom!  Oh and the balcony!!!

Bec, my friend, wh=ent and got a haircut...we got a bit tipsy cause we had wine at 1:30pm when we hadn't eaten since about 8am, lolol.  Than we headed to the Star Casino and gambled a bit, explored the casino....ZUMBO!!!!  put out names in the Legally Blonde lotto...went and saw some people who were stalking Taylor Swift hotel that was a part of the casino...went back to the hotel to get changed for the theatre...get in a cab to get back to the theatre and get stuck in traffic...arrive at 6:28 when the lotto is drawn at 6:30 but we got dropped off at the other end of the casino, so we ran through the casino and arrive just as they draw my name out first!  omg, we were like huffing so much and they laughed at us!  lol.

Can I say, Legally Blonde is AMAZING!!! seriously!  Millsy you can tell isn't theatre but he did ok.  Lucy Durack is fucking amazing!!! seriously I can't believe her!!!  but the really suprising thing is Erika Heynatz  SHE WAS AMAZING AND SHE SINGS WHILE JUMPING ROPE!!!  seriously, gave her so many props for that!  ANd David Harris and Cameron Daddo were amazing!  Only one bitchy somewhat main cast member...Elle's best friend thats the cheerleader?  you could tell in the musical she was and she didn't sign for anyone either at the stage door...so booo you whore!

The next day we went on a Hop on Hop off double decker bus tour of sydney which was awesome!  Went to darlingh harbour and shopped...saw a prostest!  checked out the red carpet for the ARIA's  went back and got dressed.  came bacl and the place was hectic!  but we got a good spot across the road from where they got dropped off and a fair few big celebs came over, so that was awesome!

The actual awards show was really good!  Really enjoyed it!  serioulsy was impressed!  Went to the after party but bailed pretty soon.

Last day :(  we went to the Opera House and than the Monorail and Madame Tusurads and that was pretty cool!  than on the way home we went!

I need to go back to Sydney again sometime soon!  seriously!

On another note...seeing Pitch Perfect in 2 sleeps!!! CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT!!!!